Welcome to Hope and Healing

Mission Statement:

I believe every person has an innate ability to heal themselves. My role as a hypnotist, Reiki teacher and non-clinical counselor is to help the client access their hidden strengths and empower them to become self-healers. I don't view any of my clients as broken; I see them as whole individuals who simply have some aspects in need of healing. I am able to withhold judgment when working with clients. I love to see people discover their abilities and assist them on a part of their journey. Each session is tailored to the unique needs of each client. I have a wide variety of techniques I can employ to suit each individual. The comfort of my clients is extremely important to me. I want to provide a safe and caring environment for everyone who comes to see me. I want to make the healing experience positive and life-affirming and so I treat each client with honor and respect.